About us

Gel candles are very popular nowadays

First of all, they are unusual, beautiful and create that unique wow effect when ignited. My passion and work is to craft different thematical gel candles. My product range includes candles with various designs that are suitable to decorate your home, anniversaries or to give to others as gifts. These candles can be ordered for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, romantic evenings, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas or other events. If you have your own idea on how you would like the candle to look, let me know. If possible, I will try to implement your idea and make this unique candle a reality, especially for you.

Gel candles are made on the basis of petroleum

The burning time of a gel candle is more then half longer then the burning time of the usual paraffin candle of the same size.

The magic of a gel candle is that it is transparent, it gives a unique wow effect when lit. The light of the candle radiates through the bottom and the more crystals the candle has, the more beautiful sparkle it gives. The different base colors of the candles also contribute to give a different effect when lit. If the base is darker, the candle flame is more yellow and the candle has a softer color. If the bottom of the candle is white, the candle will also light up brighter.

Every candle holds a story inside. Every candle has a different story displayed inside that makes it unique. There are no two identical candles.

Thematical candles

Since the candles are thematical, everyone can find the one that suits their needs all year round: for children or adult birthdays, weddings, Christmas, Women’s Day, Easter etc. Gel candles are exiting and not many have seen the kind of candles I make.